The way in which you handle cash directly impacts your business.

With labor costs on the rise, making the most of your resources is more important than ever.

When your highest-paid employees spend time handling cash, your business loses time and money.

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Cash in a Pandemic: Brink’s CEO Doug Pertz on the Strength and Importance of Cash in the U.S.

Many people are asking me how I think the COVID-19 pandemic is going to change the cash payments landscape – and what it means for Brink’s.

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Cash Isn't Obsolete

In today’s debit and credit-driven retail economy, it’s tempting to believe that cash is losing its luster. Nothing could be further from the truth. Continuing to follow outdated cash management processes can have a significant, if hidden, cost to your bottom line in terms of lost labour time, errors, theft and reconciliation hassles.

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Cash Handling Simplified

Today, more than 72 million Visa and MasterCard credit cards have been issued to Canadian consumers and new technologies are further expanding payment options. While payment innovations, including tap and mobile, are changing the way cash is used and how customers expect to do business with retailers, cash remains the payment option of choice for many consumer transactions.

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